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Certified Management Consultants (CMC)

For every problem, there is a challenge.
For every challenge, there is a change.
For every change, an opportunity is created.
For every opportunity, there is part of a solution.
The solution dictates the result.

CMC is your business solution!

No space is too small when you open up to the great world of ideas.
An inspiration, a thought or a goal, you can make it real.

With originality inspired by a company that believes in you, search for your business success by engaging Certified Management Consultants (CMC).
CMC provide you objectivity; clarity of thought and focus to your company's change process and helps the organization through increase profit margins.
Our management consultants are strategists with a strong operational focus to ‘make it happen’. Specialist in areas such as start up advise, growth strategies, strategic marketing, market entry strategies, new product and service launches, develop and expand export markets, franchising your products and services, business process improvement, change management, corporate turnaround, corporate recovery, restructuring and re-engineering, funding advise, due diligence, acquisitions, mergers and integration of the organization, prepare business plan, recruitment, etc.

CMC provide the following service:

  • Executive Coaching
    If coaching can help sportsmen and women to improve their game, then it can also do the same for businessmen and women. Our coach will work with individuals to improve their performance, whatever the business, by getting them to focus on the most important issues and look at ways to do the job better.
    Coaching is all about managing the changes to stay in business successfully and that's just as important to small businesses as it is to corporate giants.
  • Contracting - Interim Management
    Organizations need to be able to take advantage of highly experienced people at short notice. Using a contractor in a ‘Director in Charge’ capacity brings objectivity; clarity of thought and focus to the Change Process and helps drive the organization through change. Our interim management consultant / contractor are troubleshooting CEOs/MDs/GMs who typically work in organizations all over the world, strategists with a strong operational focus to ‘make it happen’
  • Recruitment
    CMC recruitment team recruits local and overseas skilled professionals for your business needs.

    Are you working hard and longer hours but not getting ahead?
    All work and little profit.
    Contact CMC via email:
    admin@certifiedconsultants.net.au   if you need the space to look beyond your focus.
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